Sunday, 5 August 2012

How To Protect Your Facebook Photographs.

People use to upload more photographs on Facebook then their status updates. Friends can see, comment, like and download your photos. When any of your friend download your photos, they do not need any special permission from you to download the photographs. Also Facebook doesn't provide you any notification about your photo being downloaded by anyone.

Now days some wrong minded people download photographs from Facebook and use them on the Dating websites, Matrimonial website and some sort of website for some bad purposes.
They uses your photographs for wrong purposes without any worry because you do not have any copyrights for your images which can help you to avoid such use of your photos.
You can get rid of this problem by Digitally Watermarking your photographs. Digital watermarking is a process of hiding computer information into your photographs but it does not affect your photograph at all.

Facebook photographs or albums can be Digitally watermarked by using DMCA's (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Facebook Watermarker service which is free of cost.

Using DMCA Facebook Watermark 
  • Go to DMCA Facebook Watermaker Page.
  • Register here using your Email address, your password for login will be send to this address.
  • Get password from the Email and log in using your Email and password.
  • Now you have to connect your Facebook account by clicking on Get Facebook Albums button there.
  • Now you can choose your photo album on the Facebook Watermaker  page which you want to get Watermarked.
  • After choosing your album you can set the name of your  watermarked album. Also you can see the photographs contained in album you have selected by scrolling down on this page.
  • You can set the Bar Opacity and according your choice.
  • Finally click on Watermark this album button and your new album with watermarked photographs will be created and you can check this album by logging into your Facebook account.
You can uses your custom logos and postion of logo by upgrading to the paid PRO account.
You can protect your privacy by Logging out any Facebook session that you may have left active on any computer or device.

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