Thursday, 9 August 2012

Change Your Desktop Icons With Your Custom Icon

I love to tweak my desktop with themes, wallpapers and etc then why not change my desktop icons.
I like to change my desktop icons to my favorite images or icons.
I use Microsoft Windows XP, may be I am old school but I already told you that I keep tweaking my Window XP for a fresh and new feel every time.
If you are also old fashioned like me then you can also change your desktop icons for that new feel!!!!

If you want to change any desktop icon then you have to first convert your favorite image (which you will see as your desktop icon) to ICO (icon format for windows).
You can convert your images to icon format using this page.
Now, you have the icon and you are ready to replace your old icon with it.

To change the icon of windows default like My computer, recycle bin, my network places and etc follow the below steps:

  • First save your icon to C:\WINDOWS\Your_Icon_Folder  because It remove the chances of deleting your icon accidentally.
  • Now right click on Desktop, then Properties » Desktop » Customize Desktop

  • Now select your icon which your want to change here.
  • After selecting icon click on Change icon.
  • A change icon dialog box will open, in this box click on the browse button and go to your icon file  C:\WINDOWS\Your_Icon_Folder\
  • Select the your icon and click OK button and Apply button.
Now its done, you have changed the icon.

To change icon of any folder:
  • Right click on folder » Properties » Customize » Change Icon.
  • You will get my icon for folder in the change icon dialog box, select one of them or click browse to change with your custom icon and follow previous steps.
To change Icon of other installed Programs:
For example change icon of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Right click on Firefox » Shortcut » Change Icon.
  • Again follow the previous steps to change icon.
Now you can change icons of any folder, program and software installed on your computer.

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