Saturday, 4 August 2012

How To Add Two Way SMS Communication Gateway To Your Website.

You want to interact with users of your website and want that your users can interact with you too through the SMS communication. Then you have to implement a gateway in your website through which you can send and receive SMSs.
There are to methods of implementing this feature into your website:-

 1. Google SMS Channel

Here in Google sms channel, you can login using your Google account. After logging in you can create your own sms channel by filling a simple form.
When you created your channel Google will provide you with the Subscription Link for your SMS channel.
You can add this link in your website or blog, When any user will click on this link, it will redirect them to the subscription page.
 Here your user can subscribe and can get updates from your website or blog whose link you had given in creating the channel.
User can reply to this channel using Text messaging with there mobile phone.
This way you can create the gateway for  SMS communication in your websie.
 You can make your user to join your channel via SMS from there mobile phones:-
 To receive updates from a channel send a SMS by typing  “on Your_Channel_Name” to 9870807070 (for India)

2.Using Zeep Mobile

Zeep Mobile provides a SMS API for connecting with the users of any website via SMS. Zeep mobile provide ad-supported service which is free although they have pricing plan also.
You only have to implement this service in your website using their API. They have given some code samples on their website for different programming languages.
This service can be activated free on your website by signing up using your Email, zeep mobile will send you Email notification when a spot for you is available.
You can embed the subscription panel in your website for making your user to subscribe using their mobile number.
For more information visit Zeep Mobile Website.

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