Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Visit Whole Wikipedia Without Change In Your Address Bar.

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia on the internet and you can visit it by typing Wikipedia.org in your browser's address bar. Every Wikipedia page has hundreds of links to other pages on Wikipedia and external websites. When you visit any link the URL in your address bar changes accordingly.

You can visit whole Wikipedia website without seeing any change in the URL in your address bar. To do this you will need to access Wikipedia through the µTorrent Remote website.

Wikipedia Main Page with µTorrent Remote website URL in address bar

Another page on Wikipedia having same URL in Address Bar

 For visiting Wikipedia website like this first go to  µTorrent Remote Website and click on the Privacy FAQ link below the Signup form on the page. Remember do not open the link into new tab just click on it.

Now you will be be at the Privacy FAQ page of  µTorrent Remote Website. On this page there are some Wikipedia Page's links are mentioned. Now you have to click on any Wikipedia link on this page. Again remember that link should be opened in the same tab and do not open it into new tab.

Now you will see Wikipedia opening with  https://remote.utorrent.com/  in your address bar. You can visit any page of Wikipedia and the address bar URL will remain unchanged. Do not open any page in the new tab or window, if you will do the URL will change. Also the Page Title and Website Favicon also remain unchanged. But it will show the Favicon and Title of the µTorrent Remote Website.


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