Thursday, 9 May 2013

Add More Than One Person To Facebook Chat And Make It Conference Chat

We always use to chat with friends on Facebook, these chats are only one to one. If we need to chat with more than one person then we need to create a group of those person and start group chat with them. But the drawback of group chat is that everyone who is in the group can know what other are gossiping about. So Facebook has a feature to make a conference like chat. In this we can add only those person with whom we want to chat and more than one person can chat at a time.

Turn on chatting with more than one person.

    add, more, person
  • Login to Facebook.
  • Select one person to chat.
  • Now click on  add more friend to chat at the top right of your chat window.
  •  Now, add the names of the other person you want to chat with  and click on done.
  • New chat window will open with all the friends listed at top of your chat window.
  • When you start chatting with more than one person video calling fearute will automatically disables.

Leave the Group conversation 

  • Click on the gear button ⚙ at top right of conversation window.
  • Now, from drop down menu click on leave conversation.


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