Saturday, 6 April 2013

Convert Your MKV Video Format Into Other Format Within 4 Minutes

If you have a video in MKV format on your computer, you can play that easily using video players like VLC Player, JetAudio Player etc. But if you need to play those videos into your DVD player or in your LED TVs through USB. Sometimes these devices are not compatible with these file formats and they cannot play those MKV format videos. Then comes the need to convert the video format, for this you need some video converting tools, but this process is very irritating and time consuming.

For converting a MKV file of size 1GB, all video converter tools takes nearly 1 hour which is very long time. But there is a method of converting MKV file into other format in just 4-8 minutes.

MKV file is like a container in which other file formats are placed. For example, in a MKV there can be a video file of AVI format and a audio file of MP3 and a subtitle file of SRT format. All these format combined in MKV makes a video file with audio and subtitle.
For converting the MKV file format to other format, you need to extract the file inside a MKV container.  Follow the steps below to convert your video very fast:-

  • First of all you need a tool to extract MKV file, for this download MKVToolnix.
  • Install MKVToolnix and go to installed folder in C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix.
  • Open MKVExtractGUI and add your MKV file into input file box.
  • Now, set your output folder and then in tracks select the video file and audio file.
  • Now click on extract and extraction will take about 2 minutes for 1-2 GB of file.

When extraction is completed, you will see two files in output folder one for video and one for audio.
Now, check the format of the video file, if the extracted video format is AVI then download and install AVIMux GUI. Now follow the steps below:
  • Open AVIMux GUI and and add both the extracted files one for video and one for audio into the input field by selecting these two file together and drag dropping into input field.
  • Now, click on Start button, it will start muxing the video file and audio file into the AVI format.
  • Muxing will take approx. same time as extraction taken and after muxing you will get the AVI video file with audio.
The AVI format is very compatible with DVD player, Mobile devices and TV systems. But if you need another format you can download other muxing tools from this website.


  1. hi,
    i found your blog via indiblogger,
    do you happen to know any tool which can convert any video to MKV format.
    MKV's are small in size and quality is not bad at all.
    lemme know if there is any tool you know.


  2. Hi Pesttest,

    You can convert any video to mkv using above tool mkvtoolnix, in installed folder C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\ and then mmg.exe it can mux two video and audio in to mkv format. You will need the muxing tools like for AVI ,you can use AVIMux to convert avi to mkv.

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