Thursday, 9 May 2013

Add New Type Of Picture Captchas To Your Web Forms

Captchas are added to web forms to distinguish between human and machines or programs. Captcha can prevent the websites by spam program. Spam programs are made to fill web forms to submit there links to them, to get access to website content and disturbing the web analytic and website visitors. Therefore you always see some Captcha codes when filling any registration form for email, or any other purpose on a website. But the old Captcha codes are boring and websites visitor also hate them because they make them irritating when visitor didn't get the codes correctly. That's why there is the need of some innovative and interesting Captcha to hold website visitors.

Add More Than One Person To Facebook Chat And Make It Conference Chat

We always use to chat with friends on Facebook, these chats are only one to one. If we need to chat with more than one person then we need to create a group of those person and start group chat with them. But the drawback of group chat is that everyone who is in the group can know what other are gossiping about. So Facebook has a feature to make a conference like chat. In this we can add only those person with whom we want to chat and more than one person can chat at a time.

Automatically Publish Blog Updates on Twitter, Facebook Page and Facebook News Feed.

Twitter and Facebook are the essential platform for a website or blog to gather some traffic on them. These are need to make the engagement of people on social network who really cares about your content. When I post something on my blog and website I use to share this on my Facebook Page and Tweet it on Twitter. But this is very tangled process, first post the update on twitter, then on your Facebook page and then on your Facebook status to show your updates to your Facebook friends. That's why there is the need to automate this process.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Visit Whole Wikipedia Without Change In Your Address Bar.

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia on the internet and you can visit it by typing in your browser's address bar. Every Wikipedia page has hundreds of links to other pages on Wikipedia and external websites. When you visit any link the URL in your address bar changes accordingly.

You can visit whole Wikipedia website without seeing any change in the URL in your address bar. To do this you will need to access Wikipedia through the ĀµTorrent Remote website.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Convert Your MKV Video Format Into Other Format Within 4 Minutes

If you have a video in MKV format on your computer, you can play that easily using video players like VLC Player, JetAudio Player etc. But if you need to play those videos into your DVD player or in your LED TVs through USB. Sometimes these devices are not compatible with these file formats and they cannot play those MKV format videos. Then comes the need to convert the video format, for this you need some video converting tools, but this process is very irritating and time consuming.