Sunday, 16 September 2012

Google Search Tools Are Showing Up In Horizontal Bar

Google Search had changed its websites Favicon about last month ago. The Favicon used now is similar to the icon used in Google's search application for android or mobile phones. There can be reason behind this that Google is trying to provide the same interface on both application/mobile site and website.

Now search results are shown aligned to left because the sidebar containing the search tools is moved up like a horizontal menu bar on the website. This change can be seen in Mozilla Firefox browser only and for only search results not for the results. Google is trying this experiment that's why these change will not be shown every time.
The same type of look for Google search is shown on the mobile site of Google i.e. all the search tools are shown above on the page like horizontal menu bar.

There can be other reason for removing sidebar search tools like Google is shown some results of some famous personalities and other things on the right sidebar which makes the search page look congested.
Because left sidebar contains search tools, right sidebar contains ads or information related to query and middle portion shows the whole search results.
Therefore Google trying to make changes to search result page to make the results more visible to users.

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