Monday, 30 July 2012

Logout any Facebook session that you may have left active on any computer or device

If you are in a cafe or at your friend's house and using Facebook on their computer systems or devices. Finally when you leave from their and forgotten to logout your Facebook session, and you are now worrying about your personal information, which can get in wrong hands in the cafe or your friend can make us of your session to make some mischievous pranks.

Actually there is no need of worrying because Facebook offer a number of security features that help keep your personal information private, one of the feature is Remote logout. 

Remote logout can be use to close any Facebook session that you have forgotten to logout  on any computer or device. To use the Remote logout you need to follow some simple steps. 

  • Login to your Facebook account using your computer or device.
  • Go to your Account Settings page, in the Account Security section.
  • In security settings, click on  Active Sessions. 
  • After clicking on Active session you will see some thing like this

This active Session box will show your Current session and your previous session along with the date and time, location and device type.
The device type will also show what browser you have used for logging into the Facebook account.
You can choose any session which you want to close and then click on End Activity link, Now your session will be closed and your information will remain safe and private. There are other methods of saving your information online on Facebook.


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