Thursday, 26 July 2012

Google Search added Scientific Calculator for calculations

If you want to do some sort of calculations whether they are scientific ones and you have been using your computer calculator as a tool for this, then forget your computer's calculator. Because you can use Google's calculator.

Before the addition of this calculator people were also uses Google to calculate. For example they were need to type 2+2 in the search bar and the result 4 was shown in the search results.

But now when you will type 2+2 in the search result, the result 4 will be shown in a calculator with all buttons below for scientific calculation.
You can get this calculator by typing calculator in the Google search bar.
Google is adding more and more features to there search engine, I think that Google want to make its search engine a destination for its user and not only the platform for reaching the different destinations.
This Google calculator has a button which can be shifted to Rad for doing calculation in Radian  and to Deg for computing in term of Degrees.
I have tried calculating Log values with this calculator it automatically correct some mistakes like I was calculating " Log (4+5 " and it gives me correct answer because it automatically added the closing parenthesis ")" which I forgot to add. Whereas my calculator will give the syntax error for this reason.

This calculator can be used for calculating trigonometric problems, logarithmic problems, factorials, arithmetic problems or any other scientific calculation. This calculator is going to take place of your computer's calculator which you use rarely.
It will be good that day when Google add functions to this calculator for calculating equations, complex numbers and permutation and combination. Then Google will become the destination for many users who use other tools on web to calculate such problems.

Try your most difficult calculations on the Google Web Search Calculator

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