Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Know what is publicly avaliable about you on internet.

We always keep registering, posting and commenting on various websites. There are many websites which I had used earlier and posted comments on them in various topic but now I didn't even remembering those websites, but these websites still have my data and comments stored on them.
In social networking website, generally the information remains private i.e. information will not be shared among third party without the proper permissions. Also we publish information publicly on blogs, groups and many other website. After sometimes it is nearly impossible to remember what is publicly available by you on the internet.

You can use Google Web History to know searches you've done on Google and pages you've clicked in search results. By default your google web history is off and you can activate it by logging into your google account.

For checking what is publicly available about you on internet, you can again use Google search.
Here the search keyword will be your username which you use most of the time while registering on websites.
For example: is the email id which I use most of the time while registering and commenting on different website and use this email id for registering on Facebook also. I have been using this email id since many years.

Now to know what is public about me on internet, I will Google the keyword  "(xyz)" within round brackets.
The Google search result will show all the information available publicly about this user id.
Generally you will find the comments you have posted on some blogs or websites which do not need authentication for commenting and posting. You can also find your websites or blog's link if you have and social networking website's profile links which you use or you used in past.
Now search what you will get in your search results.

Also you can know about a website owner and his address details.

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