Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How to Check For Update Of FireFox Plugins

Firefox can automatically download its update and install them but you need to restart the Firefox before the updates works effectively.
You can manually check for updates for Firefox by opening the Firefox MENU>>HELP>>About Firefox.

After updating when you restart Firefox it will check the compaatibilty of plugins and add-on for the updated version, if some found non-compatible it will update them automatically or says to update them manually.

You can check for plugins update at any time manually by opening the Firefox MENU>>Add-ons
Now Add-on Manager window will open which have otions to download Add-ons, Extensions, Appearances and Plugins.
Now Click on the Plugins button
Now, all the installed plugins will be shown in the Add-on Manager window. There is a link above the installed plugin which says "Check to see if your plugins are up to date", Click on this link it will take to to the Mozilla Firefox Plugin Checker Page.


Directly you can go to the Mozilla Firefox Plugin Checker Page by going to

This page will check for the plugins update and gives you details with the status of plugin and action to update the desired plugins.

Here, You can update the required plugins by clicking on the Update Now buttons.

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