Saturday, 27 October 2012

How To Use Mozilla Custom KeyWords For Searching

Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the most used browser and personally I like this browser more than any other browser. Firefox has some inbuilt features and add-ons which make it smart than all other browsers.
In this post I will try to elaborate one of the inbuilt feature of Mozilla Firefox which is called Custom Keyword or I will say it Smart Keyword.

Custom Keyword can be used as the shorthand for different websites and search any query on the website particular website. For example, I want to search for "MBA Program"on Stanford university website, for this I will need to open Stanford University website and then type my query "MBA Program" in the search box and after clicking on the search it will show the results.

Let's do it in a different way, go to Stanford University website. Now right click in the search box and then click on "Add a keyword for this search.."
New Bookmark dialog box will be appear and in this add a keyword for this bookmark like "stan".

Now, if I want to search for "Law Courses" on Stanford University, I will type "Stan Law Courses" in the Firefox address bar and after hitting Enter key all the related results on the website are shown.

You can add keywords for any website which provide you searching options. These keyword can be used as the shorthand for the website. For example, add a keyword "GO" for by following the steps as described above. Now type "GO" into your address bar and will opens.

You can add more and more bookmarks with keywords to manage your searches easily. If you uses more than one search engine you can add keywords for them and search your query with the keyword of the search engine instead of opening the search engine website first and then typing your query.

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