Thursday, 7 June 2012

Posting on Facebook without internet.

Almost everyone uses Facebook for social networking to keep in touch with friends, relatives and family. But for using Facebook we need to have internet connection or service on our computer or mobile phone.

Now you can post updates in your own voice on Facebook without internet.

Vodafone has a "Facebook on voice" service for its customer to make it possible on Facebook. Just Dial 51010 and record your voice message! The voice clip will be posted on your wall and all your friends can hear it!.
Your friend can also post voice message updates on your wall and you can listen to those updates on the same portal.

You will get sms alerts for the voice messages posted on your wall, so that you will never miss any post and you can reply to those voice messages.

This service provide the ability of posting voice updates on your friend's wall also. So from now on Facebook you can say Happy Birthday to your friend in your own voice and you can do this without internet.

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