Friday, 8 June 2012

Experience Airtel 4G LTE

As many of you know that Airtel has launched its 4G service in Bangaluru and Kolkata. Airtel is the first service provider in India to launch 4G service. Although 3G services and not used by the people on a large scale due to their costly tariff plans but after the launch of Airtel 4G, Airtel has cut its tariff plan rate by 30%-40%.

This is the step taken by Airtel to attract customer who is already using 3G service toward 4G.

4G is faster than 3G, with 4G you can stream HD movies, play HD and multiplayer games and much more as it provide high download and upload speed.

Airtel is providing USB stick/modem to connect with the 4G services on your laptop and PC. It is easy to install just push the stick in the USB port and install Connection Manager provided with the stick.
Airtel 4G plan starts with Rs.999 for 6Gb download and upload limit.
You can check the different Tariff plans.

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