Friday, 1 June 2012

Convert and display your blog feed on a HTML page

Everyone having blog and website uses feeds to deliver updates to the subscribers and this also helps in promoting the blog or website. Many user use their blog feed as sitemap while submitting their sitemap to search engines for indexing. But you can use your Atom/RSS/XML or any type of feed to display on a static HTML page using Feedburner's BuzzBoost tools.

BuzzBoost republishes your burned feed's content as go-anywhere HTML. Want to promote your blog on another site you manage? BuzzBoost gives you a snippet of JavaScript you can paste into your page templates.

This tool is easy to use, First you need to login Feedburner.
After logging in click on publicize and the click BuzzBoost. At this point BuzzBoost will give you a number of different options. You can choose how many items (posts) you want to be displayed, if you want the links to open in the same window or a new window, displaying the feed title, displaying the date, and several others.

Once you choose your settings and activate BuzzBoost you will be provided with the piece of code. Copy the code provided by FeedBurner and paste it into your page wherever you want it to be displayed.

RSS 2 HTML is a website which  can convert the RSS feeds to HTML. This also gives you the HTML or Javascript code to paste in HTML page where you want to display the feed.

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