Friday, 8 June 2012

How to Know about a website owner and his address.

Sometimes you ever wanted to know some contact details about the owner of a website especially when there is no "about us", "contact us" page or comment system is not available on the website.
The reasons for searching details about the ownership of a website can be:
  • He has steal your content and you want to warn him or want to suspend his website.
  • You are interested about the author of website and want to interact with him.
  • You want to know the geographical location of the host.
  • You want to know the date when the website has started publishing.
  • You want to know about the web hosting company for the website or want to know about the registrar.
  •  Or want to know any contact detail of the admin of any website.
 and there can be other reasons also
You can know about the ownership of a website you know, on internet by different lookup tools.
If your content has been stolen by someone you can report about the owner to the web hosting company for suspending his website due to copyright infringement. There are various term and condition for this.
You can know about the email address of admin of any website if want to contact him for any reason.
The domain lookup tools gives the information of the hosting geographical sites, where the website is being hosted.

You can check the date of launch of a website, it can be useful if you want to know from how long this website is doing business. You will get the website of the registrar and web hosting company also.
There are many Domain look up tools available:-
or you can google "domain lookup".
Just enter the name of website about which you want to know in the above tools and hit Enter. You will get all the possible information about the website.

Also know waht is public about you on internet.

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