Monday, 11 June 2012

How to close an Amazon account.

If you have an Amazon account and you want to close it for any reason. You have tried searching for 'deactivate account' option in the amazon account settings but didn't get anything related to this topic. Amazon has not provided with any link or tools to deactivate the account in account setting anywhere. There is a easy way of deactivating you account.


Once your account is closed, it is no longer accessible by you or anyone else. This includes any Seller, Mechanical Turk, Associates, Web Services, or Amazon Payments accounts associated with your purchasing account. If you'd still like to close your account, visit Your Account and cancel any outstanding orders in your account. If you have an affiliate account with Amazon and you had made some money with it which is to be paid by Amazon, then first request your affiliate earnings before closing your Amazon account. Once you've done this follow the below steps:

Goto Amazon Help Page, and the sign with your account credentials and a contact us page will open.

  • In "What can we help you with?" option, select Something else.
  • For "Tell us more about your issue" option select More non-order questions issue.

  • Then in third option on the page select start chatting.

  • While chatting to customer care executive tell them that you want to close your account, They will send you a inquiry email on the email address associated with your amazon account.
  • Goto your email inbox and visit the inquiry link, a feedback form will open.
  • In feedback write that you want to close your account and if you want to write the reason or any other feedback you can write that, then click send feedback
  • Now, your account will get closed in 24 hour by Amazon after checking your order or billing status.

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